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Risk Factors

Genetic Predisposition

Family History of suicide, suicide attempts, depression or other psychiatric illness. 



A clear relationship has been demonstrated between low concentrations of the serotonin metabolite in cerebrospinal fluid and an increased incidence of attempted and completed suicide in psychiatric patients. 



Impulsive individuals are more apt to act on suicidal impulses. 


Chronic Pain or Illness

Suicidal behavior has been found to be 2−3 times higher in those with chronic pain compared to the general population. 


Job Loss or Financial Burdens

Losing a job, home foreclosure and financial uncertainty can lead to an increase in the risk of suicide through comorbidity with other risk factors such as depression, anxiety, violence and the harmful use of alcohol.



Sex: Males are 3 to 5X more likely to die by suicide than females. 

Age: Elderly Caucasian males have the highest suicide rate.


 Previous Suicide Attempts

By far the strongest indicator for future suicide risk is one or more prior suicide attempts.

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