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Making Reports on Social Media Sites

If someone is posting inappropriate, hateful, threatening, or rude comments to you or about you, report it to the social networking site. Also, if someone is posting inappropriate pictures, you are able to report them. Each of the social networking sites have different “Rules” and “Terms of Agreement” which people must adhere to, and if anyone is breaking those rules action will be taken against them.

Do not be afraid to report someone, a comment, picture or other actions on social media sites! Also know your identity is not revealed to the person that you are reporting. 

Document EVERYTHING! Make sure to take a picture or save to your computer or phone: any comments, pictures, posts or inappropriate things that you are reporting. You want to document everything for yourself incase you need to take legal action beyond the social media site.

We have provided information on how to report on the social networking sites of: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (Click on any of the three to connect to the link, or click on the link to the left in the website.)


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