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Below is a brief description of the different Megan Meier Foundation presentations provided. Please note that all presentations can be customized to fit your school or organizations needs.


Upper Elementary Student Presentation

(Approximately 45 - 60 Minutes)

3rd through 5th Grade

Tina provides students with information on ways we identify and characterize bullying. Students are introduced to the various forms of bullying, including cyberbullying. Tina discusses the negative effects of words, actions, and online posts when used to hurt another person. Tina provides information on ways to seek help when a student experiences or witnesses bullying or cyberbullying. These presentations serve to help students begin developing a sense of understanding and empathy in efforts to prevent bullying behaviors later on.



Middle School Student Presentation

(Approximately 60 -75 Minutes)

6th through 8th Grade

Tina Meier tells the story of her daughter, Megan Meier, while incorporating educational information on topics of bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide.  Students receive more information on their digital footprints, sexting, and bystander vs. upstander behavior.  Students are encouraged to talk to a trusted adult when they experience or witness any type of bullying or cyberbullying.  These presentations serve to show the detrimental effects of bullying and cyberbullying, while educating and empowering students to "Be Megan's Voice... Be the Change."



High School Student Presentation

(Approximately 60 - 75 Minutes)


9th through 12th Grade

At the high school level, students are confronted with many decisions that they make in their daily lives while using technology that can have a negative effect on their future.  Students need to understand that what they put on the Internet, stays there FOREVER! Tina will share Megan's story along with the discussions of bullying, bystanders, cyberbullying, sexting, and suicide.  At the end of the presentation, students will be allowed to ask questions.



Student Leader Programs

(Approximately 60 - 90 Minutes)


This presentation is designed to help empower students that are in leadership roles. Students are encouraged to be proactive and play key roles when witnessing bullying or cyberbullying of any form. The story of "Megan Meier" will be shared along with the discussions of bullying, bystanders, cyberbullying and sexting. If time is permitted, at the end of the presentation students will be allowed to ask questions.



Parent & Community Presentation

(Approximately 75 - 90 Minutes)


This presentation provides an overview of the technology that students are using in today's world. Life is much different for students today than it was even 4 years ago. As parents and community leaders, it is imperative that we continually educate ourselves to become better equipped to help our children. Megan Meier's story will be shared along with the topics of bullying, bystanders, cyberbullying and sexting. A question and answer session will be available at the end of the presentation.



Educator & Other Professionals Presentation

(Range from 60 Minutes - A Full Day)


This presentation is designed for Educators, Administrators, Counselors, Social Workers, Law Enforcement as well as other professional groups that relate to the well-being of children. When bullying and cyberbullying occur, it is essential that staff be continually educated and brought up to speed on how to address situations that may impact their classrooms. Questions are allowed at the end of the presentation.



We also offer the following presentations:

College Presentation

All Boy Presentation

All Girl Presentation 



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