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Kate Bolhofner


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Kate Bolhofner

Director of Community Outreach


From establishing our online identity, to communicating with volunteers, Kate feeds off of creativity and personal connections in her position. A St. Charles resident, Kate graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with her Master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and Organizational Behavior. Kate learned about the Foundation through her work with WashU’s Taylor Community Consulting Program, where she and her fellow MBAs provided pro-bono consulting work for Megan Meier Foundation in 2013. She has been a valuable member of our team since November of 2016.

Kate’s favorite part about working for the Foundation is the ability she has to affect change. “Megan Meier Foundation has such a positive energy and I love knowing that my work is making a difference in the lives of youth – especially those who are struggling. You never know when one post offering affirmation or support could change someone’s entire day.” Kate hopes that those who interact with the Megan Meier Foundation online will “feel a sense support, and know that we are here as a resource and welcome anyone to reach out to us, whether they are struggling or not.”

Apart from the Foundation, Kate is also a freelance artist, specializing in oil and acrylic paintings and handcrafted soft sculptures. She loves the power that art has to inspire people and can lose herself in her work for hours on end. When she isn’t absorbed in her art, you can find her enjoying a strong cup of coffee and a book with her husband, Brian, and their big orange cat, Finn.

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