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I Am Being Bullied

What You Can Do...

If you are being targeted by a bully, the most important thing you should know is that you are not alone. Know that there are individuals that want to help you and can help you find resources you need to take action.

Tell an Adult

Tell a parent, teacher, counselor, principal, or any other trusted adult about what has happened. It is important that they know about what is going on so that they can support you and help take action to stop it.

Keep a Log

Write down or record what has been happening to you. Work with an adult to create and maintain a log of all bullying events. Some information to include:

  • Who was involved
  • What was said or done
  • When did it happen
  • How long has this been happening


Tell a Friend

Don't keep bullying a secret. Ask a trusted friend for their support. This will help you feel better about the situation and you can work together to find help.

Work in the Buddy System

Aggressors tend to single someone out who is already alone. Ask a friend to help accompany you when you think you might run someone who bullies.

Keep Cool and Confident

Try to remain in control of your emotions and refrain from giving an aggressor a response. When you portray an attitude of "you don't bother me," you give the aggressor less power.

Stand Up for Yourself (and Others)

This doesn't mean to bully back, it just means that you don't have to put up with it. Let them know that what they're doing is not okay and that they can get in trouble for what they're doing. Usually an aggressor will target someone who they think won't stand up for themselves. By calling them out on their behavior, they may stop.


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The above information was disseminated from published material by the staff at (2014).

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