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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long is a typical Megan Meier Foundation presentation? 

  • Upper Elementary presentations last 45-60 minutes.
  • Typical middle school or high school presentations last 60-75 minutes.
  • Parent/Community last 60-75 minutes.
  • Educators & all other professionals range from 60 minutes – full day.

**The audience usually likes to ask questions and come up and meet Tina Meier afterwards, so we like to take time to accommodate for that after the presentations.



Q: What kind of presentations does the Megan Meier Foundation offer?

Please note that these presentations can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Upper Elementary School (grades 3-5)
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College
  • Student Leadership
  • All Boy or All Girl
  • Educators/Administrators
  • Professionals
  • Parent/Community 



Q: What is a “Breakout Session”?

The purpose of the breakout session is to gain an understanding of the bullying issues within the school from different students. Tina then will discuss ways to help prevent and solve these issues. Groups consist of 20-25 students from all “walks of life”- meaning students from different groups, not just the student council members or the football team- this way the school can get opinions of the bullying issues from different groups of students.

Schools should choose students for the breakout sessions before presentation. There will be no additional charge for a breakout session and breakout sessions last 60-75 minutes.



Q: How many students or other audience members does Tina typically present to?

These presentations can be delivered to as many or as few audience members as you would like. The most efficient and cost effective way to present is to a large group in an assembly. However many people can fit comfortably in your venue is suitable. Everyone needs to be able to see, hear, and sit comfortably.



Q: Is there a cost involved?

Yes. Speaking fees vary depending on the number of students you have, if it is a keynote presentation, how many presentations you would like, and where the presentations are located. The speaking fee is a donation to the Megan Meier Foundation, 501 (c)(3) non-profit. When traveling out-of-state, we also ask that Tina’s airfare, hotel, and airport transfers be paid for.

The fee includes (2) presentations with one breakout session at no extra charge. To find out more about the speaking fees, please contact the Megan Meier Foundation at 636-757-3501 or



Q: How can we afford to bring you to our school or organization?

Hiring a speaker is a great investment in your students, and it can create a defining moment for the school. Here are some creative ways to make the budget work:

• Team up with two or three other local schools and schedule multiple assemblies on the same day. This cuts the speaking fee by at least ½ for your school and it helps the Megan Meier Foundation reach more students in a short amount of time.

• Another good option is to find sponsors. Make a list of the largest businesses or organizations in your area and then go visit the top five in person. Ask them to underwrite the program and offer something in return (such as showing their logo at the event or letting them introduce the session). Examples: Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Elks, Chamber of Commerce. Remember: when they donate to the school, it’s a tax write off!

• Print off the brochure and present it to your local PTO group. If they can’t fund it directly, they can normally steer you toward sponsors.

• Check with school administration for funding provided by the Associated Student Body. For teacher in-service program, ask about Staff Development - Title VI funding.

• Apply for other grant monies from your state by contacting your state Department of Human Services and State Department of Education. They can direct you to the correct office. Contact other local agencies in your county that already have grant monies from state agencies. For example, the Criminal Justice Department or Department of Public Safety might have dispersed funds into mental health agencies or programs mentoring youth.

• Plan to integrate Tina’s presentation into a major theme such as Anti-Bullying Week, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Character Education, etc. Depending on your theme, federal grant money may be available. Check with your school district or federal government office to find out who is dispensing these funds in your state and request an application.

• Invite multiple clubs on campus to participate and help raise funds for the project. A cooperative student body effort helps students learn about the realities of the time and effort required to locate funding in the real world.



Q: What is the correct process to book a presentation with the Megan Meier Foundation?

Contact the office at 636-757-3501 or email



Q: Can you provide references so I can speak to another school administrator about their experience with Tina Meier and the Megan Meier Foundation?

Yes, we can provide you with a list of school administrators that would be happy to speak with you about their experience. Please contact the Megan Meier Foundation at, Subject: Presentation References.



Q: Why should I book Tina Meier?

  1. Tina has shared Megan’s Story nationally in multiple states and hundreds of presentations
  2. Tina gives customized presentations and various topics based on extensive research.
  3. Tina has real world, first-hand experience that is relatable to all ages.
  4. Tina has a genuine, personal interest in everyone’s experiences and stories. She uses an empathetic approach to leave a lasting, life changing impact.



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