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Who's Looking At My Accounts?

Digital footprints are all the trails or traces that people leave online. This is information transmitted online, such as forum registration, e-mails and attachments, uploading videos or digital images and any other form of transmission of information. Such online activity leaves traces of personal information about yourself available to others online. Consider how this could impact you...


Who's Looking?

Admissions Offices and College Recruiters

A recent report from Kaplan Test Prep stated that:

  • 27% of admissions officers use Google+ to learn more about prospective students
  • 26% of admissions offices use Facebook to learn about prospective students
  • 35% found information on Google+ or Facebook that negatively impacted prospective students' applications


Possible Employers

A report by Cross-Tab revealed that only 7% of applicants thinking that their online reputation factored into a recent job rejection:

  • 70% of job recruiters denied candidates due to information found online
  • 75% of companies have hiring policies that encourage recruiters to examine an applicant's online reputation
  • 84% of job recruiters think that online reputations will impact future hiring procedures during the next 5 years


The above information was disseminated from published material by the staff at (2014) and Common Sense Media. 

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