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How Can I Protect Myself?

Assume that EVERYONE has Access to your Profile

  • This includes your parents, teachers, future employers, admissions offices, and law enforcement. Don't discuss things or post things that you wouldn't want them to know about, or using language that you would be embarrassed for them to hear.


Set your Profiles to "Private"

  • This allows you to be more in control of the information that is posted and who has access to that information. Even when your profiles are set to private, be cautious of what you post.


Always use Discretion

  • Just because you may find something funny or appropriate, doesn't mean that someone may find it offensive or alarming.


Assume that People Want to do you Harm

  • Think about having your worst enemy having access to your social media... now imagine that they took all of what you posted to turn it against you. 


Be Careful Who you "Friend"

  • Even when a friend request seems to come from someone you know, if something seems suspicious about it, always use your best judgement. 



Evaluate Your Online Reputation

If you feel like your online identity might be in jeopardy, be proactive in taking action by evaluating yourself online. Here are some specific things to look for:

Search Engines

  • Start with your full name, along with any other information that could be associated with you (including city, address, school, etc)
  • Also search for e-mail accounts and other usernames



  • Go through your wall, photos, friends walls, 'about' pages, groups, etc. for information that you may have been tagged in that could be inappropriate and remove yourself from the tag.



  • Look at your tweets, profile, description, followed accounts, retweets, etc. and keep your eyes out for information to remove that may be inappropriate or a poor reflection of yourself.


Background Checks

  • By looking at local court or public records, you may be able to get access to serious information such as arrest warrants, overdue fines, or other criminal records.


Recovering Your Online Reputation 

Social Media

  • You can visit all social media sites to get information on how to remove of hide inappropriate information that what shared about yourself.


Search Engines

  • If something is negatively attached to your name in a search, you can visit here to find ways to take it down.


Privacy Settings

  • Be sure to adjust your privacy settings on your own social media sites to help your content from being easily found. Note that even when your settings are private, it is still possible to find information online.




The above information was disseminated from published material by the staff at (2014). 


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