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Alex King

Program Manager


Say “Hi!” to the one behind all of the programming at the Megan Meier Foundation: Program Manager, Alex King!

Alex King is a Maryville University – St. Louis alum since earning her Bachelor's in Psychology in 2013 and is now studying for her Master's in Counseling at University of Missouri, St. Louis.  She seeks to become a Licensed Professional Counselor concentrating on youth needs in the clinical and school setting.  In the past, Alex also coached high school dance…. AND LOVED IT!

After volunteering with the Megan Meier Foundation as a Team Leader at the 2012 Fall Leadership Workshop, Alex joined the MMF team as an intern and soon after became the face of our Annual EMPOWER Leadership Workshops. While being involved with the Foundation, Alex has learned to love several aspects of the job (aside from the “rolly” chairs).  She says: "the very best part about my job is being able to walk away from my desk knowing that each and every day I have done something that has helped someone else, somewhere, in some way.”  

This proud mother of two very silly pitbulls (Wilson and Bo) also loves St. Louis Cardinals Baseball.  Go Birds!  When she isn’t knee deep in reading assignments or other course work, you can find Alex napping, eating Oreos, or scouring Pinterest and Etsy.

As one of the first faces of the Megan Meier Foundation, Alex offers struggling individuals and families authentic and empathetic encouragement, care, and support.  She says: "It breaks my heart to hear from so many kids that feel completely alone in this world."  Being exposed to the real lasting damage cruel words can have on others motivates Alex to continue developing and managing programs designed to bring students, parents, schools and communities together and recognize one another's many amazing abilities, gifts, and strengths.








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