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Paige Tagliaferre




Paige Tagliaferre


Meet our incredibly talented Graphic Design Intern, Paige Tagliaferre! Paige is a Junior at Lindenwood University working towards a BFA in Graphic Design. Her first exposure to MMF was in 2012 when Tina came to talk at her high school. Upon arriving at Lindenwood, Paige joined a co-ed service fraternity that just so happened to be helping the Foundation with renovations. While volunteering it was mentioned that we needed a graphic design intern, and Paige jumped at the opportunity! Paige’s favorite part about her job is that she can “do things for the Foundation to make the jobs of everyone else go a little smoother. Without having to worry about designing things, the other team members can focus on what they do best: to bring about the change this world needs regarding all types of bullying.” Paige says the most challenging part about her job is her jammed packed school schedule, making it difficult for her to be in the office as much as she’d like. She “loves the positivity and personalities of everyone at MMF” and can’t wait until she can come in next!

Paige spends her free time juggling school, social, and work life, her three extracurriculars at Lindenwood, and travelling as much as she can. Paige is happiest when serving others, and describes art as a natural calling. Compassion, adventure, and Iced Chais keep Paige going during her busy days. When she’s not knee deep in day to day activities, you can find her sleeping or planning a new adventure. Paige “strives to make your experience with MMF one that allows you to experience everything that MMF is without having that verbal communication. My job is to make sure that anyone who glances at something I make intrigued at what MMF is and understand what they do. MMF is really dear to my heart and I love their message, and my job is to make sure that their message is well received and spread out to as many people as possible so we can start to make the change that needs to happen in this world.” We are so grateful to have such a creative, sweet soul around the office!

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